John Friedlund

Pastor John & Kathy Friedlund have been serving in pastoral ministry with the Evangelical Congregational Church since 1985. They each hold degrees in Education from Clarion University of PA, and John has a Master of Divinity from Evangelical Theological Seminary.

They love the challenge of parenting as they continue to raise four active young adults: Matthew, Andrew, Karen, and Amy.

The Friedlunds enjoy a great variety of sports and activities and the out-of-doors in general. Kathy and John take pleasure in hiking and biking in picturesque areas, gardening and farming, and books and movies.

“As a couple in pastoral ministry, our passion in life is to help others see that by His Grace, Jesus Christ can take our brokenness and turn it into beauty and strength. Our walk with God begins at home in marriage and family life and then overflows into the church, the community and the world. We think of missions at home and abroad as part of our daily lives.”

John is motivated by the challenges of leadership as well as helping people see the refreshing relevance of the Bible in daily life. John also has a real heart for men, both those who follow Christ and those who are still deciding. Kathy especially enjoys mentoring and leading other women in the journey of life and faith.