Les Cool

Pastor Les Cool has served the EC Church since 1988: Minister of Youth 
and Christian Education at Lancaster Grace; church planting in Delaware; the 
EC National Conference’s first Church Planting Associate and now, Kingdom 
Extension Associate; and most recently, the Lead Pastor at Akron (PA) Grace 
Church.  Pastor Les brings over three decades of training and hands on 
experience in discipleship ministries; pulpit and classroom experience;
life, ministry, and end-of-life coaching; mentoring and team development;
and a passion for God’s Kingdom and people.

His wife Carol brings a lifetime of chasing after God and investing in other
people. Carol has published two books (Finding Balance in the Circus of Life
and The 29¢ Baby Jesus), and been published in a wide variety of Christian
magazines and journals, some internationally. Most recently, Carol has been
taking her passion on the road, serving as a conference and retreat speaker
and trainer for writers.

Together, they flesh out the gifts of mercy and hospitality, using both to
develop relationships for Kingdom growth. Along the way, God has given Les
and Carol the privilege of hosting teens and young adults in their home when
a refuge was needed. Their daughter Joy permanently joined their family as a
teenager. She lives in Tennessee where she parents her son Hunter.

The Cools enjoy escapes to Williamsburg, VA, Mystic, CT, and Sturbridge, MA
where they allow history and local cuisine to sooth their souls. Carol
enjoys reading, facetime with friends, and local theater with Les. Les uses
his free time to experiment in his kitchen (he shares the fruit of these
adventures) and, when time allows, washing off his collection of fishing
tackle in local fresh waters.