Core Values

Biblical Truth over Human Opinion

We believe the Bible is the only reliable source of truth because it is God’s truth. We also believe in preserving the function and integrity of Trinity Church as the local Body of Christ by being a biblical role model to others. Therefore, we will always look to the Bible as our authority for counsel, right beliefs, proper behavior, and truth.

unity over personal preference

Our goal is to emphasize healthy relationships and, in order for that to happen, all people must be treated as Jesus would treat them. In addition, no congregation or denomination alone represents all there is to the Church. Therefore, we will make sure that every person is afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. We will also partner willingly with other community and regional fellowships that glorify Jesus and His Word.

excellence over mediocrity

All things done for the Lord should be done to the best of our abilities. We believe that perfection is only found in God; however, we also believe that quality matters and commitment counts. Therefore, we will continuously work to develop strong leadership as well as a healthy network of servants which links individual spiritual gifts to real-time ministry needs.

contribution over consumption

The church exists to be servants, not consumers. We believe that our facilities, money, and people are to be generously shared in ministry, not hoarded for our own sake. We also believe that every Christian is a “minister” called by Jesus to a life of service. Therefore, we will do our best to equip and empower our people to do God’s work, both in the church and throughout the community.

grace over religion

The core of Christianity is not “religious, self-saving activity”. We do not earn God’s favor by following rules or being “good.” Instead, God’s favor is an unmerited and undeserved gift. Because of our sin, we are deserving of an eternal punishment. However, because of God’s grace, we are offered mercy, forgiveness, salvation, and an eternal reward. Therefore, we will continuously minister God’s grace to the world.